The Next Generation of Global Leadership:
Future Intelligence + Human & Organizational Excellence

Developing The Capability + Capacity
To ‘Lead The Future’ of Business

Principles + Practices: Brain Integration, Heart Coherence,
Deep Embodiment, Expanded Awareness, Empowering
Others, Continuous Learning

71% of Executive Leaders Are Not Equipped For The Future | Our methods empower leaders to solve complex problems of the future before they emerge. 

Our exponential Learning programs and facilitations help leaders FutureProof their people and the organization by harnessing collective intelligence and  accelerating innovation across the organization.  
Learn how to navigate unknown, uncertain and exponential futures. Develop trusting, collaborative, innovative, resilient, agile, and high-performance environments to Lead The Future.

Personal Learning Cloud Enabled
Leadership Development FrameworK

Integrated | Science-Based | Wisdom-Tested

Facilitated Leadership Sprints
to Harness Collective Intelligence Sprints are scientifically designed to deliver
high-impact & consistent results for time-constrained,
high-performance leadership teams

Cognitive, social, & time fragmentation kills organization productivity | We create a space for collective high-performance and intentional focus.

Utilizes neuroscience, Brain & Heart coherence and cognitive social behavior research, our methodologies compress months of time into a single day or two. ‘Sprints’ utilize “best practices” and have been tested in real-world experiences with teams globally. We employ the 20% of practices that gets 80% of the results and integrate them to practically apply theory while driving consistent real-world results.
Future Intelligence Sprint: Scan the horizon for what is emerging.
Actionable Innovation Sprint: Ideate, prototype, FutureMap & Innovate
Team Coherence Sprint: Improve Team Trust & Collaboration.
Digital & Culture Transformation Sprint: Explore hi-tech without loosing high-touch.

A coherent & strong combination of scientific, business, and leadership theories & applications. Highly recommend for those wanting to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Head of Brand & Creative Solutions, Google Asia


What does it mean to be a “Future Intelligent Leader” & what tools,
practices, mindsets and methods are relevant for the future?

Uncertainty, Complexity, and Exponential Change Are the New Business Norms | We help leads thrive through education, research, and facilitation. has interviewed experts around the world (neuroscientists, professors, futurists, CEOs, A.I. programers, brain-computer interface researchers, business strategists, and thought leaders) on the question: “What does it mean to be a future intelligent leader?” We are currently working on a book and collaborative experiences to share the insights and information with global leaders. 
Interview Insights include: The difference between Long-Term & Short-Term Future Game. How to develop future relevant skills, no matter what the future, How a hi-tech future makes us more human. What you need to do to harness collective intelligence to identify trends and signals. Why mindfulness/self-awareness are essential for being smart about the future. Why values trump mission/vision in future relevant organizations.

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